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In Texas, we don't appreciate the government meddling in family affairs. Charges of neglect or abuse could split your family up forever. Child removal from the home could place your child in the foster care system and subject them to the risks of an uncertain future. When the government gets involved in your family affairs because of alleged neglect or abuse allegations and other issues, you need at attorney to defend your rights.

Malcolm Miranda and Associates, P.C., assists clients needing a Child Protective Services (CPS) defense attorney.

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Many People Are Involved In CPS Cases

A lot of people can be involved in these situations, like grandparents, who want to have rights to the grandchild. Aunts and uncles, siblings and other people also want to protect their substantial relationships with the child. Lawyers and social workers are also involved, as well as CPS and the Department of Families and Protective Services (DFPS). As CPS attorneys, we are expected to have experience working with the district attorney, social workers and the other agencies involved who will review your case.

Experienced In Working Child Protection Cases

Malcolm Miranda understands the district attorney's position because he worked with them for eight years. He has also worked with many of the other people involved in child protection cases like social workers and other agencies, such as Child Protective Services (CPS). He knows what can go right and what can go wrong. He can get you in a position so that you can defend yourself and won't lose your right to see your children.

He wants you to know your situation is not hopeless. The state of Texas has to follow rules when they take a child away. However, the judges may be more on your side than you think. See what experienced legal counsel can accomplish in your case.

Don't Risk Your Child's Removal

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