Assisting Clients With Immigration Issues

Having immigration and citizenship problems is scary. You may have many worries and questions. Many people come to our office thinking they have no options left. But after they speak with our attorneys, people find out they do have options. We help people understand the processes, problems and solutions surrounding immigration. We can also help people work for deferred actions.

At Malcolm Miranda and Associates, P.C., in McKinney, Texas, we help clients facing immigration problems. Rosemary Miranda has been working on immigration cases for 35 years, so she's very familiar with the laws in this area. Most people think their situation is hopeless, but we know people can qualify for options they didn't know about.

Take Steps Toward A Solution

Everyone in our office speaks Spanish. This is important because we will be able to explain the legal process and your options in a way that you can understand. Call us to discuss your situation with an experienced immigration lawyer at 469-714-0240.

Many Options To Consider

We assist clients with various issues around immigration and explain options they oftentimes don't even know were available to them, such as:

  • Clients seeking citizenship
  • Naturalization for people who have qualified for citizenship and haven't finalized the last few steps
  • Special immigrant juvenile visas
  • Family green cards
  • Petitions for children over the age of 18 (family members who are citizens can petition for them)
  • Deferred action when people are here on an emergency basis like escaping drug gangs
  • Special circumstances, such as pending criminal charges

Immigration Law Is Ever-Changing

This area of law tends to change frequently. Our firm stays apprised of these changes in the law so we can assist our clients in the best way possible. This is important because if there is an upcoming change to a rule or law, we can notify clients and get a filing in before the change, if needed. Something that may not seem possible today could change and make immigration and naturalization possible tomorrow.

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Contact our firm to discuss your immigration issue. Se habla español. Call us at 469-714-0240.