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Dispelling immigrant myths: Who commits the most crimes?

Texas is one of many immigration hubs in the nation. It makes perfect sense that many immigrants choose to take up residence here since it's so close to international borders. Whether you're a newly emigrated resident or moved here decades ago, you're likely aware of the various reasons many immigrants come to the United States. Some are business investors, boosting job creation through capital investment in commercial enterprise.

Others, however, are fleeing war-torn nations, extreme poverty and imminent danger. There are also many immigrants who enter the United States on employment-based visas; in fact, some families include prodigy children who excel in science and/or the arts. These facts obviously help refute myths that claim non-citizens commit the most criminal offenses or place undue burdens on the economy.

National research stats present a different picture

There is ample evidence that immigrants commit crimes in the United States at far lower rates than their native-born counterparts. The following information is pertinent to the topic:

  • A 2010 census clearly showed immigrants are far less likely to become incarcerated than native-born citizens.
  • In the 18-39 male age group, a little more than one percent of immigrants are in jail, while 3.3 percent of those who are born citizens live behind bars.
  • Immigrant advocates say it's common for people who take up residence in a new country to desire healthy, productive, successful lives, thus making them less likely to commit crimes.
  • Approximately 84 percent of 2016 finalists in a national science competition were children of immigrants.

If you are an immigrant, you likely understand the social and economic sacrifices many others endured who trod similar paths. If your current situation becomes imperiled by complications regarding your visa or some other aspect of your legal status, you may understandably feel stressed and worried about your and your family's future. It's no secret many families get separated from their loved ones; in fact, minor issues often turn devastating when authorities detain family breadwinners and threaten them with deportation.

Whether you're a business owner or the parent of a child genius, if you're in need of support due to immigration-related issues, there are experienced people who can be of assistance. A Texas immigration law attorney knows the ins and outs of the system and can advocate on your behalf to potentially rectify any problem concerning your residence.

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