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Can you come to the United States with a family green card?

Immigration is a hot topic currently, and there are a lot of misconceptions regarding this legal process that may prevent people from moving forward with their immigration or visa applications. Despite what you may hear on the news or from others, you still have the right to apply for a green card.

If you have the dream of living and working in the United States in Texas, you have no time to lose in protecting your interests and pursuing your objectives. If you have a relative who is already a citizen of the United States, you may be able to apply for a green card through your family member.

Who is eligible for a family green card?

A green card is essentially permission for you to reside in the United States. The green card application process can be complex, and they are highly sought by individuals who wish to immigrate to the country. Eligibility for a green card through a family member may be possible if you are in any of the following categories:

  • You are the immediate relative of a United States citizen, including the spouse of a citizen, under 21 and the child of a citizen or the parent of a citizen who is at least 21 years old.
  • You are the fiancé of a United States citizen or the child of a fiancé.
  • You are another type of a relative of a citizen or a legal permanent resident.
  • You are the widow or widower of a United States citizen and were married at the time your spouse died.
  • You are an abused child, spouse or parent.

Whether you are familiar with the process involved with seeking a green card or are unsure if you are even eligible, you have the right to pursue a beneficial outcome to your case. Knowing your rights and options is the first step to meeting your immigration objectives.

Meeting your objectives

Immigration laws are complex, and you would be wise not to traverse these matters on your own. With help and experienced guidance, you may be able to secure a positive result. Seeking a green card can be a complex and confusing process, but you do not have to face it on your own.

Immigration laws are constantly changing, and they could continue to change with any new legislation. Acting quickly is in your best interests; you would be wise not to wait to take the first steps in your immigration journey.

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