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H-1B visas are coveted by many, abused by some

You may be following the news regarding the changing immigration climate in the United States. Laws and policies regarding visas, green cards and deportation are hot button issues for reform. If you have been considering applying for an H-1B work visa, you may be concerned about the recent moves by the Trump administration to revamp the popular program.

Which relatives can be brought into the United States?

Out of all the relationships we can have in life, the connections we have with our families are some of the most important. Being able to share our lives with the ones we love drastically increases our quality of life, but if family members live in another country, sharing life experiences with them can be more difficult. Because of this, many people do their best to bring their families with them.

Even a minor crime in Texas can lead to deportation

Immigration has been a major focus of America politics for more than a decade. In the last eight years, the Obama Administration has deported over 2.5 million people, more than any president in U.S. history. The incoming administration has vowed to be much tougher on immigrants and the cornerstone of President-elect Trump's immigration policy is removing those who commit crimes.

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