• Custody Granted Child Custody

    We represented an Aunt who wanted custody of her niece. The court granted requested relief.

  • Granted Child Custody

    Father seeking sole custody of his two young sons. Granted.

  • Possession Granted Temporary Orders Hearing

    Represented a Respondent Father in a contested Temporary Orders Hearing – Court granted Father possession of his child.

  • Case Dismissed Continuous Family Violence

    Defendant charged with Continuous Family Violence – Third Degree Felony reduced to a Class A misdemeanor & Defendant’s Failure to ID and Interference with an Emergency call cases – Dismissed.

  • Termination Granted CPS Trial

    CPS trial where Malcolm represented the children – Court granted Termination of Parental Rights

  • Not Guilty Indecent Assault

    Defendant charged with Indecent Assault – Class A misdemeanor punishable up to 12 months in county jail – after jury trial Not Guilty

  • Probation 3rd DWI

    Defendant charged with his 3rd DWI and a pending revocation – plea to probation and 10 weekends in jail

  • Probation Revocation and Jail Sentence

    Defendant facing revocation and jail sentence – was able to get him returned to probation.

  • Charge Reduced Assault Causes Bodily Injury

    Defendant charged with Assault Causes Bodily Injury – Class A misdemeanor reducing charge to Interference with Public Duties – Class B misdemeanor and time served.

  • Dismissed Burglary of Habitation w/ Intend to Commit Sexual Offense

    Defendant charged with Burglary of Habitation w/ Intend to Commit Sexual Offense – First Degree Felony - Dismissal

  • 50 Days in Jail Multiple DUIs

    3 DUI’s taken care of with 50 days in jail.

  • Charge Reduced Aggravated Robbery

    Aggravated Robbery – Second Degree Felony reduced to Theft of Prop, Class B Misdemeanor

  • Reduced Prison Sentence Child Sexual Assault

    Jury Trial w/ Defendant facing 7 counts of Sexual Assault Child who the Defendant was facing 2-20 years in prison on each count. 3 counts dismissed prior to trial starting. 4 remaining counts – 2 not guilty and 2 guilty. Defendant received 8 years prison on one and 5 years- probation on the other. State’s offer prior to trial 15 years prison.

  • Case Dismissed Sexual Assault of Child

    Sexual Assault of Child – Second Degree Felony – Dismissed

  • Charge Reduced Unlawful Carrying of Weapon

    Unlawful Carrying of Weapon – Class A reduced to Disorderly Conduct – Class C

  • Not Guilty Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Member

    Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Member – Class A – After Jury Trial – Not Guilty